What are traffic exchanges?

Traffic exchanges are programs to generate free traffic to your website. It allows you to exchange your website traffic with other websites for free. Many websites today offer free traffic exchange service which allows you to generate free traffic to your website.

How traffic exchanges work is very simple. You visit other member websites to earn credits and then you spend these credits to get free traffic and more real visitors to your website.

In other words, traffic exchange basics are a system of credits where one credit equals one visit to your page for a set amount of time period. Biggest traffic exchanges involve millions of sites offering more and more real visitors to your website.

As you can see that traffic exchange programs have a very simple concept. But now-a-days they have added hundreds of new additional features which allow you to get more credits, traffic and earn money at the same time.

Are they free?

Yes traffic exchanges are free programs. You submit your website for free and also receive traffic free of cost.

How they work?

You visit other members website (called "surfing") to earn credits. Then you spend these credits to get traffic back to your site.

What is surfing?

Surfing is the process of viewing sites submitted by other registered members on the traffic exchange. You receive certain amount of credits for surfing depending on surf ratio.

What is surf ratio?

Surf ratio is the amount of credits you receive for viewing one site. 2:1 means you earn 1 credit for surfing 2 sites.

What are credits?

Credits are your earnings which you spend to get visitors and referrals. You assign credits to your website and receive traffic. You receive 1 visitor for every credit you assign to your website.

What is auto-assign credits?

You can also auto-assign credits. If you set auto-assign to 50% then half of the credits get assigned to website you are promoting and other half of credits gets accumulated in your account for later use.