Top PTP sites

PTP programs are the best free way to make money online.  Working of these programs is very simple. You will get a unique link upon registration; you can share this link on traffic exchanges, social networks, forums or other blogs and websites. Every time that link is opened, you will receive a certain amount of money.


Best paying top ptp sites pay up to $0.5 per 1000 visitors. For few of these top ptp sites the paying rates may vary according to region or country. These sites pay according to country using a tiered structure from level 1 to 5 (where level 1 is the highest and level 5 is the lowest).


Also, PTP sites are the most insane way to convert traffic exchange credits into money. Assign credits to your ptp links and generate handsome amounts of income. It is the best way to utilize your traffic exchange credits and convert traffic exchange credits into money.


Highest paying best ptp sites that are legit are listed with their payment proofs and ptp value. I recommend you to join some of these legit ptp sites.