Top Mailers

Sending emails is the easiest way to get referrals. In almost every huge online industry emails are the most common way to spread the word and most importantly building stacks of money. But I get surprised when I see limited use of mailers to get referrals for ptc sites, traffic exchanges or other sites. Tell you another amazing observation that referrals through email advertising are more active than any other method. Yes it is true. Email advertising is three times more effective than other methods when it comes to getting ACTIVE referrals.


The best part is if you do not want to spend money then you can send free emails. You have both options just like a traffic exchange. You can buy credits or surf to earn credits and then spend them to get visits to your site. Same is the story here, you view emails to earn credits and then spend them to get referrals.


You can use mailers, safelists and solos to send emails to get referrals. For your information mailers, safelists and solos are all different. You do not need to worry you just earn free credits to send free emails. When you learn new things you will be able to get referrals better way by targeting and understanding differences and utilizing these better.


In very short, you use solo ads to build lists (building lists). Safelists are existing member’s lists with similar interest using list building. Mailers are the programs that send email messages. Below are top mailers from where you can send emails to lists or just send free emails to all members.

I recommend HercuList is best and enough if you are new to mailers.