What is paid to click?

Paid to click (PTC) sites are free programs that links between advertisers and consumers. These are best online earning opportunity as well as a great advertising solution.

Are they free?

Yes these programs are absolutely free. You can signup for free and start viewing ads to make money.

How they work?

Advertisers pay for displaying ads on ptc sites. A part of this payment goes to the earner who visits the ad for few seconds.

How to earn money?

You get paid every time you view an ad for few seconds. Most ptc sites have additional tasks, offers and surveys to make more earnings. Referring new members is another great way to earn additional commissions.

How will I get paid?

Accumulate enough earnings to reach payment threshold which is very low. Then request payment using any payment processor to your bank account.

What are payment processors?

Payment processors are online bank accounts. You can make transactions or request money to your bank using payment processors.