What is paid to click?

Paid to click also called PTC are free programs where you can earn money by viewing ads. Most people are not familiar with what is paid to click service and how paid to click programs work? But it is relatively simple.


Paid to click (PTC) sites link between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers pay for displaying ads and earners visits the ad to get a part of this payment. These are best online earning opportunity as well as a great advertising solution.

PTC programs are very simple to use and the best way to earn handsome amount of money. You can start earning in dollars by just visiting these PTC sites every month. You just have to spend one hour or less of your valuable time for these simple tasks.
Here is how to earn money with ptc sites.


These websites pays its members for viewing ads that are displayed on their website. The ads which are displayed on PTC sites are bought by advertisers, who purchase these ads from PTC sites to promote their website or any other content. Each ad can be viewed once every 24 hours. Once you view an ad the amount for this ad view is added to your website account. When you reach a certain threshold value then you can request payment which you will receive instantly.

Are they free?

Yes these programs are absolutely free. You can signup for free and start viewing ads to make money.

How they work?

Advertisers pay for displaying ads on ptc sites. A part of this payment goes to the earner who visits the ad for few seconds.

How to earn money?

You get paid every time you view an ad for few seconds. Most ptc sites have additional tasks, offers and surveys to make more earnings. Referring new members is another great way to earn additional commissions.

How will I get paid?

Accumulate enough earnings to reach payment threshold which is very low. Then request payment using any payment processor to your bank account.

What are payment processors?

Payment processors are online bank accounts. You can make transactions or request money to your bank using payment processors.

What AVG means?

It is the average amount of clicks your referrals made during a certain period of time. It is usually calculated on daily basis.

AVG = Total referral clicks / Total referrals

Example : You have 100 referrals and they click total 950 ads
950 / 100 = 9.5 AVG

What BEP means?

Break Even Point or BEP is the minimum AVG you will need to at least recover your investment. So main thing is to know your BEP so you can menage referrals to be more profitable for you.

BEP = price per referrals / referrals click rate / referrals duration

Example : You rent 1 referral for 30 days, price per referral is $0.20 and click rate per referral is $0.005
$0.20 / $0.005 / 30 = 1.33 BEP

What is ROI?

ROI is return on investment and is the amount of money that you receive back on investing in percentages.

ROI = total profit / total investment) x 100%

Example : You have profit $50 and invest $100
$50 / $100 x 100% = 50% ROI